Living Water Conference Provides Outstanding Apologetics Resources

Cedarville hosted the Living Water apologetics conference on April 4, featuring both Rosaria Butterfield and Cedarville visiting professor Sam Allberry. These two remarkable and gifted speakers shared with students and guests how to live and share the Gospel in a sexually broken world. I encourage you to view and share these outstanding video resources from the conference.

A Train Wreck at the Hand of the Supernatural

On April 4, during our Living Water apologetics conference, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, a former tenured professor of English and women’s studies at Syracuse University, shared her incredibly moving story of transformation from a lesbian lifestyle to a follower of Jesus through the hospitality of a friend. Her story of the kindness of committed Christian friends, combined with the piercing effect of God’s Word revealed through the Holy Spirit, will inspire you and challenge you to consider anew the power and grace of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

The Mysterious Ways of God

This week we wrapped up our Way of Wisdom chapel series. We have learned much, but we have only scratched the surface of what the book of Proverbs has to say to us. I hope you will continue to study this phenomenal book on your own.

One central theme we have seen throughout the book of Proverbs is what it means to fear the Lord. If we are going to walk in the way of wisdom, we must have a reverence and awe for a holy God. We have also discovered that just because we follow after God, it doesn’t mean life will be perfect. But even during our darkest and most troubling times, God is faithful, and we can trust Him.

Join us as we conclude our series by looking at Proverbs 16:1-9, 33 and examine what it means to trust in God’s mysterious ways.

6 Things the Lord Hates

What do you hate? It’s OK; we all hate — feel intense or passionate dislike — something. For me, it ranges from the simple — olives, mosquitos, and slow drivers in the left lane, to the serious — abortion, racism, and arrogance.

In Proverbs 6, we learn what God hates: self-centered living. Unfortunately for us, the things that God hates are the very things that come so naturally to us. It is only through turning our affections toward Jesus Christ and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit that we can walk in a way that pleases our heavenly Father.

Join us as we near the end of our Way of Wisdom series, looking at Proverbs 6:16-19 and discovering, from head to toe, what God hates and how we can avoid this behavior.


E3 Offers Transformative Teen Discipleship Experience

This summer, Cedarville will hold the first-ever E3, a four-day camp for teens learning how to be disciple makers and servant leaders. From July 16-19, these committed young people will be empowered with a more sure understanding of who God is and a firmer foundation for who they are in Christ. They will also be equipped with biblical tools and resources for transformative discipleship and leadership. And lastly, they will be prepared to engage the world boldly with their influence and to serve with excellence.



Words With Friends

We all heard it growing up: “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I’m here to tell you that we were lied to; we have all been hurt by words.

Our words are powerful tools. They can be constructive — used to build someone up — or destructive — used to tear someone down. The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about how we use our words.

Join us as we look at Proverbs 26:17-28 to discover how we can use our words to be constructive tools of grace as we continue to pursue the path of wisdom.



Cedarville Magazine Celebrates Adoption

The spring issue of Cedarville Magazine touches on a topic that is significant to me on both a personal and theological level — adoption. For my wife, Joy, and me, our family was transformed by adoption when a beautiful red-headed little girl with sparkling blue eyes became our daughter, Rachel. But adoption also has profound theological implications for all those who call on God as Father. All Christians, through faith in Jesus Christ, are adopted into the forever family of our Creator and our King, always a son or daughter for the rest of eternity.

New B.A. + M.B.A. Options Provide Accelerated Career Path

This coming fall, Cedarville students will have the option of completing a bachelor’s degree in communication, English, or psychology along with their Master of Business Administration in just five years. Some may finish in four years if they pursue our three-year Bachelor of Arts completion options. And since our M.B.A. is completely online, students can begin a career while finishing their master’s degree coursework. This is a great option for students who want to save time and money while enhancing their career opportunities. As we continue to offer ways for our students to prepare for professional excellence, we are considering additional accelerated M.B.A. pathways in music, science and mathematics, and international studies.

Cedarville Earns No. 3 National Ranking for Student Engagement

Cedarville University is ranked third nationally for student engagement according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal. This is Cedarville’s third time in the top five for this significant measurement. This ranking by an internationally known publication confirms what graduates and current students already know — that Cedarville professors go beyond instruction to mentor and develop students for a life of godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement.

Cedarville Student Moves From Apathy to Engagement

Junior nursing major Heidi Vizino found herself drifting from her faith before she arrived on campus two years ago. But in only a few short days at Cedarville, during Fall Bible Conference, she experienced a stirring to re-engage her faith. Since then, she’s become a very active member of Discipleship Council, desiring to inspire the faith of others. Read more of Heidi’s life-transforming story online.

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