“God is dead,” Neitzche did say,

and with no authority left in the way,

man decided to act as he pleased

living a life of fun and ease.


For enjoying the nightlife, kids will not do.

They create a burden on me and you,

so birth control will save the day,

and doctors can take the mistakes away.


Desiring now to experience everything,

They plan for two kids and exchange a ring.

These kids they learn amazing facts,

but they learn the most from how we act.


Soon they begin to imitate us

Denying authority; rebellion a must. 

Whatever it is these daycares do

They don’t teach them to obey me and you.


With all we want, surely you know

Two careers is the way to go.  

Frustrated we scream, “You kids behave!”

While knowing it is attention they crave.


These kids don’t respect authority,

We blame it on video games and TV.

When really down deep inside,

we see the selfishness we’ve tried to hide.


We made ourselves gods back in the past,

hoping our happiness would last,

but what our kids learned during all the rush,

was to reject all authority, including us.


So kids became gods, at least in their mind,

leaving their parents far behind.

More sinful, more rebellious, and more bold,

Now their doctors get rid of the old.


It’s simple economics, can’t you see

society can’t support all these elderly,

and to lighten the load, they follow us.

abortion’s okay; so euthanasia’s a must.


On the other side, we now do cry,

“Killing the helpless is homicide!”

Just before death, we come to know,

God is not dead and, “You reap what you sow.”