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Lottie Moon Christmas in August Video


To download the video or for more resources, visit

Christmas in August Video is Done: Now What?

The Lottie Moon Christmas is August video has been completed. Adam Covington and the rest of the Communications team at Southwestern exceeded my wildest expectations. The video is awesome. I believe it will be a powerful reminder of why we do what we do. This video evidences the reality that everything we do should proclaim the Gospel, whether it be from the pulpit, in the classroom, or in a Communications office. Over 6 billion people will face judgment and only Jesus can save them.

We will be posting the video tomorrow morning on the website along with all the other resources.

Now what? Continue reading

Taking the Gospel to Sturgis, SD

Ready for SturgisThis Friday I will fly out for Sturgis, SD. Next week 500,000 bike riders will gather for one of the world’s largest motorcycle rallies anywhere in the world.

With all of this activity will come the opportunity to share the Gospel with many lost people. In the photo to the right you can see part of the plan. In the background is the Hellfighter’s ministry truck which will be loaded with supplies for our journey. In front of the truck is a package wrapped in white ans strapped to a flatbed trailer. Under that cover lies 10,000 Bibles. I’m not sure we will need that many Bibles but like any good soldier, no one ever wants to run out of ammunition. Continue reading

Christmas in August Web Banners

Web banners are now available for the Lottie Moon Christmas in August offering.  On the website, there are two sizes to choose from.  There is a banner sized at 250 x 250 pixels, one with the web address and one without, and another sized at 180 x 150 px.  If one so chooses, these banners can be utilized as hyperlinks to direct those who visit your site to the website where all of the Christmas in August resources and information are available.CA2009-180x150-webBanner

As with all the other resources that have been developed, it is my hope that churches will utilize these banners on their websites or blogs in order to spread the word about the Lottie Moon Christmas in August Offering.

Christmas in August Video

CA2009-logo-colorI just finished looking at the Christmas in August video. I am thrilled with it and hope that God will use it mightily to encourage God’s people to give in support of the International Mission Board. We have a student on our campus that God has blessed with a voice similar to that of Adrian Rogers. He will be coming in tomorrow morning to do the final voice over for the video. We plan to have the video completed by the end of day Tuesday and on the internet available for download by Wednesday morning. We will do a press release from Southwestern Seminary to help get the word out, but we will also need your help. Once the video is up, please pass it along to everyone you know. There are no copyright issues. Anyone may download it and use it. I am praying that God will do something mighty in our convention and throughout the world.

Christmas in August Power Point Slides

Power Point slides for the Lottie Moon Christmas in August campaign are now available.  On the website, there are four different slides for churches to make use of.  There is a title slide, a slide with information concerning the Lottie Moon Christmas in August Offering, as well as two blank sides for churches to include whatever type of information they might deem necessary.CA2009-pptSlide_blog

As with all the other resources on the website, there is no copyright issue.  Please feel free to download, print, email, or distribute however you can to help increase contributions in support of our mission endeavors.

Christmas in August Bulletin Inserts and logos

Bulletin Inserts for the Lottie Moon ChriCA2009_blogstmas in August campaign have now been made available on this website. The insert serves as a simple means by which members of a local church can be informed about the Christmas in August campaign, as it describes the offering, the need for the offering, as well as direction on how Southern Baptists can join in the effort to further the Gospel throughout the ends of the earth.

The insert is available in both color and black and white.  One also has the option to choose an insert with the informational website at the bottom, or without, in order that churches might be able to use their own logo, wordmark, or website. The benefit to including the web address is that it contains information on how individuals may give directly to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in case they were not prepared during the church gathering.

You will also find two logos on the web page. One version is color and one is in black and white. There are three methods for downloading the logo to make them more functional.

There is no copyright issue on these items. Please feel free to download, print, email, or distribute however you can to help increase contributions in support of our mission endeavors.

In the coming days, we will be adding power point slides, web banners, and the video to help promote the Lottie Moon Christmas in August offering.

A Group Effort for the Great Commission

PrintI could not be more proud to be a Southern Baptist than I am at the current moment. Over the course of the past month I have seen a great group effort to further evangelism around the world.

At the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Daniel Akin, the president of Southeastern Seminary, (my alma mater) called for an offering titled “Christmas in August.” You can read the official press release from Southeastern Seminary on his challenge.

Johnny Hunt, the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention, continued calling for this offering. In response to calls from the SBC leadership for this effort and some additional personal reasons which I have already documented, Southwestern Seminary joined the group effort.

We have placed several resources on a page within our website These resources will have one version directing people to the page and another version that will omit that website address. Nothing would please me more than for people to download these resources and then make them available on their own church websites, download the brochure and add their church logo to it, or just participate in the effort. I am continually encouraged as I hear from pastors who plan to raise offerings and when I read blogs where pastors are writing letters to encourage others to participate.

My desire and my hope is that Christmas in August will be seen as a Southern Baptist effort with unprecedented cooperation throughout all of our denominational agencies. An effort that penetrates into the churches and impacts the world for Jesus Christ. An effort that leads to the name of Jesus being glorified above all. I thank God for Danny Akin, Johnny Hunt, friends at Southern Seminary, and other leaders who have called for or encouraged this effort. I believe it is our cooperative program–our group effort–that makes Southern Baptists so great.

Christmas in August Teaser Video


As I mentioned earlier, the Communications Office of Southwestern Seminary has been working on a video to promote the Christmas in August Offering called for by the people of the Southern Baptist Convention under the leadership of Dr. Johnny Hunt.

The 30 second video above is simply a teaser to help spread the word about the forthcoming video. You can email all of your friends who are pastors and church leaders a link to this video to help build momentum for the offering throughout the month of August.

In the next weeks, the website will have a growing number of free resources to help spread the word about Christmas in August.

A Great Commission Resurgence in Action

Zambia_2009 025I was greatly encouraged by a recent story we had the opportunity to tell at Southwestern Seminary. About a year ago, we sent a team on a mission trip to Zambia. This team went into many unreached areas and planted two churches. This summer another team went back to see a new building in the village for the church. In the photo below, the building had been damaged by a recent storm, but the church maintain a good attitude worshiping our Lord. This is the Great Commission Resurgence in action. A team sharing the Gospel, people being saved, churches being planted, and God being glorified.

Check out the full story titled: Zambian Mission Church Growing

Zambia_2009 004

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