PrintI could not be more proud to be a Southern Baptist than I am at the current moment. Over the course of the past month I have seen a great group effort to further evangelism around the world.

At the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Daniel Akin, the president of Southeastern Seminary, (my alma mater) called for an offering titled “Christmas in August.” You can read the official press release from Southeastern Seminary on his challenge.

Johnny Hunt, the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention, continued calling for this offering. In response to calls from the SBC leadership for this effort and some additional personal reasons which I have already documented, Southwestern Seminary joined the group effort.

We have placed several resources on a page within our website These resources will have one version directing people to the page and another version that will omit that website address. Nothing would please me more than for people to download these resources and then make them available on their own church websites, download the brochure and add their church logo to it, or just participate in the effort. I am continually encouraged as I hear from pastors who plan to raise offerings and when I read blogs where pastors are writing letters to encourage others to participate.

My desire and my hope is that Christmas in August will be seen as a Southern Baptist effort with unprecedented cooperation throughout all of our denominational agencies. An effort that penetrates into the churches and impacts the world for Jesus Christ. An effort that leads to the name of Jesus being glorified above all. I thank God for Danny Akin, Johnny Hunt, friends at Southern Seminary, and other leaders who have called for or encouraged this effort. I believe it is our cooperative program–our group effort–that makes Southern Baptists so great.