(NOTE: This is not the original version that you may have seen on YouTube or in print in other places. I have taken that version and made some changes while keeping the main theme. It helped me reflect upon everything to write it, and my wife convinced me to post it.)

Jesus is praying. Peter is sleeping, Judas is betraying. Then the Guards are seizing. The disciples begin scattering. Concern is abounding but Sunday is coming.

Caiaphas and the Council are conspiring. Peter is denying. Pilate is contemplating. The crowd is vilifying. The verdict is condemning, but Sunday is coming. It’s Friday.

They robe my Jesus in scarlet. They crowned my Jesus in thorns. They mock my Jesus in words. Disbelief is surrounding but Sunday is coming.

It’s Friday. See there on the road to Calvary. Jesus, he is walking. The cross, he is carrying. His body, it is stumbling. His sweat and blood, they are dripping. Golgotha is nearing but Sunday is coming.

It’s Friday. The Devil is winning. The Pharisees are celebrating. Death is approaching but Sunday is coming.

It’s Friday. The soldiers nail his hands (pound, pound, pound). The soldiers nail his feet (pound, pound, pound). The soldiers stand his cross. The soldiers cast their lots and tick, tock…Sunday is coming.

It’s Friday. The Father is forsaking. My penalty Jesus is paying. For my sin, Jesus is atoning. The Lamb of the world; they are slaying. Jesus begins speaking, “It is finished.” The Sky begins darkening. The earth begins quaking. The veil begins tearing and Sunday, it’s still coming.

It’s Friday. Hope is faint. Death has come. The sun has set. Has the Devil won? Jesus, is buried, but It’s only Friday, and let me tell you that Sunday is coming.

It’s Saturday. Disciples are hiding. Followers are mourning. Roman Soldiers are guarding. But the angels are anticipating, because they know that Sunday is coming.

It’s Sunday! The Stone is rolling. The Soldiers are falling. Mary is seeing. Peter is running. Jesus is missing, because Oh, my friend, let me tell you, it is Sunday.

Hallelujah, It’s Sunday. Herod couldn’t kill him. Satan couldn’t conquer him. Death couldn’t defeat him. The grave couldn’t hold him. Jesus is risen. Praise God that Sunday was coming.

And today, it’s still Sunday. It’s Resurrection Sunday, and we are declaring. That Jesus is still living. Beside the Father, he’s still sitting. Sinners he’s still saving. His church is still proclaiming. His Kingdom is coming. We must keep on telling about that glorious Sunday and the King that is coming.