It’s not what you expect to find on a normal Seminary campus, but then Southwestern is not your normal seminary. Children swarmed the Recreation Aerobics Center participating in the swim camp during July 12-16.

The younger group, the guppies, learned how to do proper kicks (flutter, frog kick, etc.), the middle group, the barracudas, learned the basic stroke techniques, and the oldest group, the sharks, learned how to improve their swimming skills to be more effective swimmers over longer periods of time.  More important than the swimming skills were the devotions taught at the end of each day pointing the children toward Jesus Christ.

I am thrilled at the great job Anthony Moore and his staff did putting the event together. In fact, it was so successful that we plan to offer a swim camp in both the fall and spring semesters.

So what’s next…a football camp featuring two ex-NFL players who want to use football to shepherd more young hearts toward Christ. If you want more information, contact the RAC front desk.