Wednesday, Jan. 19, we start the eight week Bible study at Hallmark tonight at 7:00 pm. I have titled the study, “A Band of Brothers.” Playing off the military theme from Mash. For those who remember the show Mash, it was the hospital for the battlefield. I hope that our men’s ministry will act as a spiritual hospital reaching out those who are hurting in the battlefield of life offering them the healing hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each lesson deals with a battle that men face. I would love to have to come join us for a fun time of Bible study focused on being the man God has called us to be. I will post the handout for each week so if you miss one, don’t let that prevent you from coming to the others. Here is the schedule:

January 19:  The Battleplans (Gen 2-3)
January 26:  The Battle with Giants in your life (1 Sam 17)
February 2:  The Battle of Building (Psalm 127)
February 9:  The Battle of Lust; or Every Man’s Battle (Prov 7)
February 16:  The Battle against Materialism (Luke 16)
February 23:  The Battle for your Marriage (Eph 5)
March 2:  no meeting: Missions Conference
March 9:  The Battle of Fatherhood (Eph 6)