I’ve said many times that Southwestern Seminary is the training grounds for the special forces for Christ. Infantry troops are necessary and every war needs them, but at Southwestern, we train the elite. Those who want to go to the edge of darkness taking with them the light of the Gospel. Whether that may be in Iran, China, the bush in Africa, or inner city America, we train students to take the Gospel into the hard places.

So what does a school of this nature do for fun…enter the “Tough Mudder.” A 10 mile course with 20 military style obstacles designed by British Special Forces. It’s just a natural extension of our training. Some talk the talk, but I’m proud to say that we walk the walk.

Best yet, hundreds of lost people will participate in this event. So while enjoying the camaraderie of completing this course with other warriors (or crazy people, whichever you prefer), we have the opportunity to share the Gospel. Demonstrating that Christians can have fun without compromise, we will be in the world but not of the world as we run this race with a different purpose. I’m praying that God would save someone from our witness. Evangelism literally on fire…that should get your juices flowing.

Our team name, “Recruits for World Conquest,” comes from the title of an L.R. Scarborough book which focuses on evangelizing the lost. That book contains an incredible chapter on “Calling Out the Called” and in general displays Scarborough’s passion for the lost. For those who don’t know, Scarborough served as the second President at Southwestern Seminary.

So the question arises, “Are you man enough for the mudder?” As of right now, Steven Smith, the Dean of our College; Vern Charrette, one of preaching professors; Jon Wood, a PhD student who works alongside me; and one southern fried Vice President signed up to run the Dallas course on March 31, 2012.

If you think you have what it takes, then come join us. You have six months to prepare yourself both physically and spiritually to conquer the tough mudder. It’s just one more step in preparation to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.