In a September 13th New York Times article, “the New York City Board of Health on Thursday approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, street carts and movie theaters.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg has fought for this measure to help curb obesity. New York has taken other measures like bans on trans fats and smoking in bars to increase public health.

Soda companies think that this new rule may be government overreach. In a September 12 New York Times article, Soda companies are preparing for a long fight primarily because they stand to lose major revenue from this decision. One line of defense against the measure “could focus on whether New York City, as a municipality, has the authority to place restrictions on sales of soft drinks, which could be interpreted as a form of interstate commerce. They Board of Health rejected the argument noting that it has “broad purview to protect public health.”

But in a September 23, New York Times article titled, “More Access to Contraceptives in City Schools” notes an expansion in the distribution of the “morning-after pills” and other contraceptives to high school students. A CNN article notes that distribution of the pill does not necessarily require parental consent. Such action does not attempt to prevent sexual activity outside of marriage but tries to provide a solution for the unwanted results of that activity. Theologically speaking, life begins at the moment of conception so any drug or procedure preventing that life from maturing and progressing is abortive in nature.

Does this mean that New York City Board of Health thinks a girl drinking a large soda is worse than a girl taking the “morning-after pill”?

Apparently so, since they want to prevent the purchase of over-sized soda while freely giving away abortive pills without parental consent.

Our society and our country has fallen into deep sin when we express more concern over the size soda a teenage girl drinks than her sexual activity outside of marriage. The root cause to be addressed is the sin problem that all humans possess. When we partake in glutinous activity with our soda intake, we demonstrate a lack of self-control to our selfish desires. When we abandon God’s plan for marriage by seeking self satisfaction through pornography, fornication, or adultery, we demonstrate a lack of self-control to our selfish desires. The real solution to the problem comes through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not through government gone wild. Until our nation recognizes its sinful state, turns to the God that has been removed from those schools, and repents of our sinfulness, this situation will only grow worse.