Can I Vote for the Stormin’ Mormon–Mitt Romney? It’s Decision Time.

I posted my views on Romney during the primary hoping that he would not be the nominee. Well, I didn’t get my way. So after pitching a temper tantrum, constantly thinking about how little the Republican National Committee understands evangelicals, shooting a few guns while clinging to my Bible, and praying about what God would have me do. I have a few further thoughts that occurred to me along the journey to making a difficult decision.

My motive all along has simply been to please God. I’m not looking for pastor in chief nor have I ever. I fear God more than man and want to do right before Him regardless of what others think about my actions.

First, I cannot vote for Barack Obama. He favors big government, has a socialist agenda, compromises freedom of religion, doesn’t support the second amendment, treats the deficit like a lottery jackpot, and won’t defend the most innocent of all–the unborn.

So I had two options. I could write in a name like Gov. Mike Huckabee, or I could vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

I wanted to write in Huckabee for the following reasons:

  • I live in the great state of Texas and Barack Obama will never win in Texas so doing so would not be a vote for Obama.
  • Perhaps it would demonstrate to the Republican National Convention that the evangelical vote is not automatically in their pocket every election.
  • It would demonstrate that I care more about eternity than I do about my personal situation. I am confident Obama will destroy our economy with debt and socialism. Romney would do better fixing the economy but would legitimize the Mormon belief system which harms eternal destinies.
  • It would position me to defend the faith against Mormonism should Romney be elected without having to answer why I voted for a Mormon and now wish to criticize his religion.

I felt the need to vote for Romney for the following reasons:

  • We can’t take four more years of Obama and a growing national deficit.
  • Romney will do better on the economy than Obama. I mean this is a given right? All he has to do is not go 6 trillion further in debt. Anyone who has ever balanced a checkbook should be able to do that.
  • Romney does hold similar views to mine on defending the unborn and other social issues, which will matter in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices.
  • The legitimizing of Mormonism has already occurred to some degree with the debates and the candidacy for the office of president.

God never left my platform so I often prayed about whether to write in a name or vote for Romney.

At the end of the day, the questions that affected me most are ones I asked to a men’s conference a couple of weeks ago. What if every Christian acted just like you? What if every church member acted just like you? What if every citizen acted just like you?

With those questions convicting the speaker as much or more than the listeners, I struggled even more with which decision would be best.

My place of work serves as an early voting location. So for me decision time came today. I voted for Mitt Romney, but I still don’t feel good about it.

To put it in biblical terms, I came to the conviction that writing in a name comes close to committing the sin of doing nothing. You know like Barak in Judges 4 almost did when he lost the glory of conquering Sisera. Like some of the tribes, especially Meroz, did in Judges 5 when they failed to participate in the battle against the Canaanites. I know that America is not Israel and that my citizenship as a Christian lies ultimately in heaven, but a minister of the Gospel should set an example and if every citizen acted just like me…well, you get the point. I do, however, understand the struggle for Christians trying to determine whether they should vote for a Mormon. I’ve been there.

After casting my vote and being a good citizen of this world, I will now turn my energies to defending the faith against the cult of Mormonism and fighting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that I may be a good citizen of the next world.


  1. Ah, Dr. White! I swore I would not vote for a Mormon and I took comfort in the fact that you wouldn’t either. But after much soul searching, I voted for Romney yesterday. I reasoned that he was the choice I had to make in order to love my neighbor best. The plight of the unborn was heavy on my mind. It killed me to vote for someone who is in a cult (turned false religion).

  2. I, too, promised myself that I would never vote for a liberal statist republican again after voting for McCain last year. If I lived in a state where my vote mattered, I would have probably broken my promise. But, alas, I live in WA where Obama will win by a minimum of 5%, probably more, so I wrote-in Allen West. This is the first time in my voting life I didn’t vote for the GOP nominee.
    It feels good to stand my ground, but unsatisfying. If Romney proves himself during his first term (should he win), then I’ll vote for him in 2016.

  3. Good points Thomas. I read a blog you had posted months ago about the two candidates’ religions and found it interesting. I did not realize how different mormonism was compared to our but that is where your expertise is. Thanks for your input.

  4. I don’t understand.

    “So you respond, well we would be better off with Romney than Obama. I concede your point.
    Romney may be the best choice for America, but Romney is the worst choice for eternity. And that is why I cannot support him.”

    How can someone be the worst choice for what really matters yet be the best choice for something that ultimately is temporal?

    Obama says he is your brother(you really don’t know someone heart but I take him at his word being the Gospel is a simple message), a co-air to the kingdom. He will receive can receive all the riches in Christ Jesus as you can. God will supply him all his riches in glory. God will direct his steps as a son of His.

    Romney you know does not have the inheritance that you have, does not have the access to God that you have and God does not promise to supply him the riches, direction or wisdom that your brother has access to.

    I understand that I would go to a doctor who is not a believer but your argument and follow – up I don’t understand.

    Colossians 1:15-17
    English Standard Version (ESV)

    15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16 For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. 17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

    God is in charge anyway.

    Talking about loving your neighbor. Who is your neighbor?

    I don’t understand.

  5. Nii,

    We have a fundamental difference of opinion concerning whether Presidential Obama is a Christian. I do not believe he is. While I acknowledge that I cannot judge a man’s heart, we can judge a tree by its fruit. The fruit in this case indicates that he is not a true follower of Jesus Christ. Thus, we are dealing with two unbelievers. You may disagree but perhaps that explains the difference of opinion. Thanks.

    Thomas White

  6. I am and have always been careful in saying someone isn’t a christian if they accept, believe the gospel and trust Jesus. Like both of us said, we can not judge the heart. The fruit I believe may be a maturity issue and with ongoing devotion to God that maturity issue may be worked out. I believe when we get to heaven we will see people who we would have never thought would be there and we will not see others that we thought would definitely be in the kingdom.

    Depending on his background(upbringing, church etc.), his worldview may be different than most conservative christians. Now I’m not a theologian, historian or philosopher but I am a common man that have experience things that has me see things through a lens that helps me understand some of his positions.

    Sometimes you can’t since someone’s tone through written text. So I wan’t you to know, I’m not angry and attacking you. I truly didn’t understand. You said you can’t support him. I am still undecided and voting values…well they both have values I support.

    I haven’t produced much fruit in the past couple of years and I understand I will have to answer to God for that. I am now actively seeking Him and his will again. I believe I did not lose my salvation during those years and I believe my fruit and light was not seen by others but I was and am a believer. Hebrews does say that someone can go back to milk. Could this be Obama?

    If you knew him as being a believer, how would you respond then?

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