Month: July 2013

Open Forum at Cedarville University

If you live near Cedarville University, then I invite you to attend an open forum on Wednesday, July 17 at 2:00 pm. The time and location has been chosen to make it convenient for faculty, staff, and summer students on campus to come. After consulting with several departments around campus, we determined that Wednesday was far enough removed from the business of the past weekend’s events or preparation for the next weekend’s events and that 10:00 am or 2:00 pm would be the optimal times. We have camps on campus almost every day throughout the summer and the chapel is being used that morning, so I landed on the 2:00 pm time slot.

I have been overwhelmed by the positive response already and the number of people who want to come. If you can’t make it to this one, I have intentions to do more. I wanted to make the first one convenient for those who live and work at Cedarville University on a daily basis. I realize that the majority of our students won’t be back until late August, but I didn’t want to wait that long to do my first open forum. This event will not be broadcast on the internet for two reasons. First, my target audience is on-campus faculty, staff, and summer students. I would pick a better time for an internet event. Second, it may prevent some from asking the tough questions that they really want to ask. Perhaps in the future, we will design one intended toward an internet audience where questions can be emailed, tweeted, or sent in via text message. I hope to have fun, an honest dialogue, and get to know one another better.

We have exciting days ahead of us as we continue to stand for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ at Cedarville University.

Greeting to the Students of Cedarville University

It is Friday, and my first week on the job is almost over. The only regret I have after week one is that I have not met enough students. That will change over time as they return to the campus. I love students, and I look forward to getting to know the students at Cedarville University. Here is a video I recently recorded to send to them. Some of you who have interest in the future direction of the University may want to watch it.

President White’s Greeting to Students

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