It’s been a little busy over the past few months so I apologize for my absence of writing. I am beginning to work it back into my schedule. For this post, I wanted to share something I wrote for my recent inauguration as president of Cedarville University. I am amazed at the godly legacy of Cedarville and thrilled to join the Cedarville Family. My prayer is that the future looks very similar to the past as we boldly stand for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Cedarville University: Founded on Faith

Cedarville College was founded on faith, preserved by prayer and supported through sacrifice. Throughout many difficult moments in its history, leaders at Cedarville believed in the University because its foundation was faith in Almighty God.

Consider William Renwick McChesney, who communicated in his 1915 inauguration address his hope for Cedarville College by stating, “that there may continue through the coming ages a Christian institution of higher learning in our midst to train our youth, enrich our nation, and make glad the church of Christ.”

Dr. Jurkat served Cedarville College for 56 years and was the only faculty member to serve under both Presbyterian and Baptist leadership. He commented, “There are many schools where young people can be trained in the completely technical vocations and trades, but Cedarville is one of the too few which always hopes to add the vital ingredients of spirit and character.”

The first Baptist President, James T. Jeremiah, revealed his core beliefs about the institution when he described what it needed in a leader. “It is vitally important to keep our college clearly related to our churches . . . For this reason, the man with a pastor’s heart, in my opinion, can best serve the college in the office of president.”

These words adorning the hallways of Cedarville’s history not only reveal the foundation of the institution, but also provide a glimpse into the future. Cedarville University will continue to stand for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We will teach the literal creation of an historic Adam and Eve, hold forth the truth and certainty of an inerrant Word of God, defend the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ, and exalt Jesus to the ends of the earth.

We will continue the Cedarville distinctives of having every staff and faculty member affirm our doctrinal statement and moral code; a Bible minor for every undergraduate student; chapel five days a week, and a biblical worldview integrated in every classroom. In closing, our prayer is the same as that of McChesney in 1915, “we pray not for lighter tasks but greater strength; not for conflicts to be shunned but for courage and wisdom to meet them.” Additionally, we pray for students who demonstrate academic excellence accompanied with a passion for the Great Commission determined to defend the faith upon which we have been founded.