I begin a 20-sermon series through the book of Proverbs with our University family, starting this Monday in chapel. The series is titled “The Way of Wisdom.” The writer of Proverbs, imparting wisdom to his son, contrasts two paths:

  • Those who choose the way of folly will suffer consequences that ultimately lead to death.
  • Those who choose the way of wisdom will enjoy a life characterized by trusting in God.

I am excited to walk through this challenging book with our faculty, staff, and students as we seek to be a University that walks in the way of wisdom.

I invite you to join us on this path to walking in the way of wisdom. Visit our chapel livestreaming site every morning at 10 a.m. You’ll join hundreds of voices in worship to our great God, and then dig deeply into His Word.

Watch the video below for an exciting introduction to this series.