My chapel message yesterday dealt with a topic I haven’t mastered yet — if we’re honest, no one really masters it. We contrasted pride and humility.

One of those two, I’m a natural at; I’ll let you figure out which one.

The other takes a great deal of deliberate work. Before we can truly love God – and truly love and serve others – we must know ourselves and have a true humility about who we are. This happens only when we fully recognize who God is and His sovereign role in our lives.

Watch as we walk through Proverbs and discover how to truly know ourselves.


Interested in other resources on this critical topic? Visit our chapel archive and search on the term “pride.” Along with the recent messages by Sam Allberry and Paige Patterson, I commend the October 25 chapel presentation by Dr. Jerry Gillis, Lead Pastor at The Chapel in Getzville, New York, to you as well worth your time.