I recently had the opportunity to participate in a dinner with several of our students and two generous donors who had provided scholarships for them. I watched as a senior stood to speak. She beamed with a smile from ear to ear as she expressed her gratitude toward the donors. She told us how she had prayed for ten years that God would allow her to come and study in the United States. The Lord graciously answered her prayer by forging a connection with these generous donors who made her dream possible. I felt a lump begin to gather in my throat as she spoke about what God taught her through chapel services, classes and friendships. As she sat down, I could see the tears as they began to stream down her cheeks. Tears of gratitude and thankfulness for a God who used gracious donors to spread His grace in her life.

Her story represents the story of thousands of students who could not be at Cedarville University without gracious partners in ministry. As I went home that night, I paused to give thanks to God for our donors, our students, His grace and the opportunity to minister at a place like Cedarville.

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