Month: February 2019

Celebrating 2018 With Our School of Pharmacy

The Cedarville School of Pharmacy had an outstanding 2018, which is outlined in the School of Pharmacy annual report. Our pharmacy students passed the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination, or NAPLEX, at nearly a 97 percent rate, exceeding the national average. Add to this the creation of the Center for Pharmacy Innovation and 100 percent participation by our pharmacy students in cross-cultural service opportunities, it was a year to celebrate.

Class of 2018 Achieves Remarkable Career Success

We are excited to announce that 98.3 percent of the class of 2018 found employment or entered graduate school within six months of commencement. This annual First Destination survey conducted by our Career Services office indicates that our graduates continue to outperform their peers. The 2017 national average was just 84.4 percent. We are grateful for our faculty and Career Services team who equip these graduates for vocational distinction and godly service. Class of 2018, congratulations on this early success and continue serving faithfully wherever God leads you! Read more about how we are preparing students for success in recent campus news release.

Trustees Advance Master Plan, Affirm Budget, Approve New M.B.A. Certificates

The Board of Trustees returned to campus in January, and we enjoyed productive discussions and a unified spirit. What a joy to review God’s generous grace upon this institution, recount the transformational growth we’ve experienced, and prepare for the exciting opportunities before us. God has graciously placed us in a position to steward well our resources, care for our people, and provide more space through our 10-year master plan to invest in our students’ 1,000 days, equipping graduates for godly service and vocational distinction. You can read the full Trustee report in a recent campus news release.

We Are Wise in Christ

ID: In Christ Chapel Theme

This week on President’s Day, we had the privilege of welcoming more than 800 guests to CU Monday. At each visit event, our goal is to “lift the hood” for prospective students and their parents to be able to experience what Cedarville University is really like, including chapel.

So Monday, as is our pattern each week, we returned to our Identity: in Christ series and looked together at Ephesians 5:15-21. In this section, the Apostle Paul begins another transition. He has already informed us of our identity — who we are in Christ — and instructed us on the things we should do, which are the will of God for our lives.

Now, he warns us to look carefully at how we walk, or live, not as unwise but as wise. Paul encourages us to choose every day to walk in wisdom, filled with the spirit. We should daily walk in a way that shows that we are indeed “in Christ.”

Join us as we continue our walk through Ephesians.

We Are Children of Light in Christ

ID: In Christ Chapel Theme

It was great to be back in chapel today after being away on the Cedarville Friends for Life Cruise — even though it’s 60 degrees colder than what we experienced last week!

Today we came to Ephesians 5:3-14 in our ID: in Christ series. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” As followers of Jesus Christ, we are to be that light. That’s our identity in Christ.

And light cannot associate with darkness. We are called to shine our light into the darkness and then — through the power of the Holy Spirit — expose and drive out the darkness.

Join us as we continue our study in Ephesians and discover how as children of light, we are called to avoid, expose, and transform darkness into light.

Dove Award Nominee Andrew Peterson Performing February 12

Dove Award-nominated recording artist, songwriter, filmmaker, and award-winning author Andrew Peterson will perform at Cedarville on February 12. He will also speak in chapel February 12 and 13. Andrew’s music focuses on the gravity of the crucifixion and the power of the resurrection. We look forward to having this gifted and inspiring musician and writer on campus next week. The concert is free and open to the public.

Freshman Spreading the Good News With 3D Prosthetics

Connor Hart, a Cedarville freshman mechanical engineering major from Loveland, Ohio, founded The Hands of Hope Foundation while in high school. With the help of the School of Engineering, he is continuing the work while attending Cedarville. The Hands of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit that provides children with free 3D-printed prosthetics.

Biblical Mentoring Program Receives International Notice

Criminal justice professor Dr. Patrick Oliver has developed a biblical mentoring program for minorities aspiring to law enforcement leadership. His program has had a remarkable success rate, with all but two of 26 graduates promoted or appointed to a higher rank after entering the program, and 15 of them named CEOs of law enforcement agencies. His program was recently featured in an international publication for police chiefs

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