Yesterday we began our 2019-20 chapel series in Nehemiah — “Faithful: A Journey Through the Book of Nehemiah.” Looking at Nehemiah 1:1-11, we discovered how Nehemiah is seeking to serve God and others. Specifically, we learn how Nehemiah:

  • Realizes the situation (1:1-3) – Nehemiah shows genuine, ministerial concern for the people and the circumstances they are in.
  • Repents of sin (1:4-7) – Nehemiah wept, mourned, and fasted for days in anguish over the sins of the people.
  • Remembers God’s Word (1:8-10) – Nehemiah leaned into God’s promises, recognizing His faithfulness.
  • Requests mercy (1:11) – In a position of power as a cupbearer to the king, Nehemiah humbly asked for God’s favor.

So, how can we apply this passage to our lives? I encourage you to consider the following questions, as I consider them for myself:

  • Are we seeking to serve God and others?
  • What is our reaction to trials? Do we go to God first?
  • How do we pray?
  • Do our prayers line up with God’s Word?
  • Do we put more faith in “this man” of the world than in the great and awesome God?

Join us as we begin our journey through Nehemiah and discover what God wants us to “Remember.”

Dr. Thomas White preaching