It was a joy to welcome many guests to chapel Friday as part of Homecoming and Parents Weekend: our Board, alumni, parents, retired faculty and staff, and many more. We were blessed with their presence. As is customary for this weekend, it was also my privilege to deliver the State of the University address. To sum up our state: we have been blessed by a faithful God. Cedarville University has never been stronger.

While we celebrate God’s graciousness to us as a University, we do not do so with pride. We recognize that God is faithful in the challenges as well as in prosperity. We give Him the glory for all He has done at Cedarville and celebrate with humble thanksgiving.

God has been so kind to us, showing His faithfulness this year in many ways, including:

  • Fall Bible Conference – 50 students made professions of faith, and 200 more made other decisions for Christ.
  • Chapel – God has brought incredible speakers to campus, and our students are engaged and eager to hear God’s Word.
  • Enrollment – We celebrated another record enrollment this fall.
  • Finances – We have retired all internal debt and are working hard to retire all external debt, Lord willing, by next fall.

As we look ahead, we have set the following goals for this year:

  • Pursue becoming a more prayerful campus
  • Select architects and began developing plans for the next phase of the campus master plan
  • Launch the quiet phase of the 1,000 Days fundraising campaign

Much of what we celebrate at Cedarville we owe, in part, to the men and women God has brought to serve here. It was my privilege to honor one of them. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I was honored to present Trustee Emeritus Loren C. Scharnberg with the Cedarville University Medal of Honor in recognition of his 25 years of faithful service to Cedarville.

To further honor Loren and his contributions to Cedarville, his son, Mark, on behalf of the Scharnberg family, was on hand as we announced the family’s $10 million gift to Cedarville, the largest gift in the University’s history. Our new building for the School of Business Administration will be named the Loren C. Scharnberg Business Center. It will be a stone of remembrance for years to come of all God has done through this faithful servant.

God has indeed been faithful and incredibly gracious to us, more than we could ever deserve. Our God is good, and our God is faithful. You can trust Him.

Join us as we celebrate His faithfulness.

Thomas white speaking in chapel