Continuing in our Faithful sermon series, Monday we came to Nehemiah chapter four, where we discovered ridicule, contempt, criticism, hostility, adversity, and fear. Has anyone else ever felt those? Have you ever had someone question your abilities to accomplish a task? Have you ever been overwhelmed with self-doubt? We’ve all been there, just as Nehemiah was. Perhaps no other Old Testament passage is more applicable to our lives than this one.

But like Nehemiah, from this passage we discover that in times of trial or opposition, we don’t have to be afraid. We must keep pursuing the Lord’s will while finding strength in our great and awesome God.

We find four key applications in this passage:

  • Agitation (1-6) – You don’t have to do something wrong to make enemies. When we stand for God’s Word, we will face opposition.
  • Intimidation (7-9) – Nehemiah was being attacked from all sides. His response: “We prayed to our God.”
  • Dejection (10-14) – External pressure magnifies internal problems. If we are pursuing God’s will, we should never be afraid or let the hard times derail us.
  • Determination (15-23) – How did Nehemiah respond to times of trials or opposition? He returned to work with the people around him. If we’re going to accomplish anything great for the Kingdom in our day, we need to do it together.

Like Nehemiah, we face opposition. We face criticism from the world around us. We face doubts from within ourselves. But also like Nehemiah, we can lean into God during those times of adversity. Read His Word, spend time with Him in prayer, and find your strength in Him.

Join us as we discover what it means to pursue God during adversity.