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Inspiring Current and Future Leaders at CU Lead 2020

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On January 18, Cedarville will host its annual CU LEADership Conference. This conference is for high school students and current and aspiring student-leaders at Cedarville. This year, we will consider what it means to “Lead Like Jesus” through stewardship, influence, and service. Prospective students may also join us on Friday, January 17, for a visit day prior to the start of the conference. They can experience chapel, tour campus, visit our residential halls, and enjoy an all-campus community event called “Alt Night.”

New Buildings, a Bright Future, and God’s Faithfulness

The exterior of the civil engineering building is fully framed, the brick facade and roof are going on the new residence hall, and two floors of the Chick-fil-A restaurant are visible. Progress on our 10-year campus master plan continues to move along. We hope you enjoy this construction update and please join us in thanking the Lord for all that He is doing at Cedarville.

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Fear God, Not Man

What do you fear? Spiders? The dark? Thunderstorms? How about not being accepted? Not fitting in? Or maybe, not being loved?

Those fears don’t go away; they follow us through our entire lives. But as believers, those who have been accepted by God because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, we can have confidence in our sovereign and holy God. We fear God, not man.

As we continued in our Faithful series, on Monday we came to Nehemiah chapter 6, where we find Nehemiah faced with situations that could have made him afraid. In fact, we discover that he is told to be afraid five times. But Nehemiah’s decisions are driven by his love and fear of the Lord, not by fear of man. Like Nehemiah, when the lies of the enemy cause us to fear, we need to replace them with the truth of God’s Word.

We find application for our lives through four key points in Nehemiah 6:1-19.

  1. Peace Summit (1-4) – There are times we have to have the resolve to say no to something we shouldn’t do. Can we say no to temptation? To something not wise?
  2. Rumors of Rebellion (5-9) If we take care of our character, living the way we should, God will take care of our reputation.
  3. Treachery in the Temple (10-14) God’s will never contradicts God’s Word.
  4. Spies in Your Midst (1-19) Who are our friends? We should not be close friends with anyone who would try to lead us away from walking with the Lord.

God is faithful; you can trust Him. Fear God, not man. Join us as we walk through Nehemiah 6 together.


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Servant Leadership

What do you think of when you hear the term “leader”? What does our society think? From a secular perspective, a leader typically is focused on popularity and possessions, seeking to be served rather than serving others. They might be prideful, arrogant. We will encounter people like that. We may even be tempted to be people like that; after all, because of our sin nature, it comes naturally. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we must fight against that kind of self-centered leadership. The fear of the Lord motivates us to serve God and others.

As we come to Nehemiah 5 in our Faithful series, we find Nehemiah modeling what a servant leader looks like. He points us to Jesus, the greatest servant leader there ever was.

We find three characteristics in Nehemiah that we should mimic:

  1. He listened compassionately (1-6) – Do we listen or do we prejudge? Do we give grace to others?
  2. He led courageously (7-13) – Are we willing to do the hard things and have the hard conversations?
  3. He lived charitably (14-19) – Are we generous to others, as God is generous to us?

You may not feel like a leader, but we all have influence. We must be good stewards of the gifts God has given us by using them to serve others. We live for the approval of the master, not the applause of man.

Watch as we learn from Nehemiah what it means to be a servant leader.

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International Prize Awarded to Senior Engineering Team

Hydrofoil boat

Cedarville University’s mechanical engineering 2019 senior design team recently won first place in the 2019 Mandles Prize for Hydrofoil Excellence from the International Hydrofoil Society. This competition recognizes outstanding hydrofoil engineering, design, and construction. Previous winners of the Mandles Prize include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the United States Naval Academy.

New Buildings Taking Shape All Over Campus

Metal beams for all of our new construction were recently delivered, and you can begin to see the form of the new buildings on campus. The metal frame for the new Chick-fil-A went up, and the third floor of the 282-bed residence hall is nearly complete. The framing for the new civil engineering building has also been raised. Enjoy this October 30 video update on our current 10-year master plan building projects.

video screen shot of construction

1,000 Days: The Story of a Cedarville Undergraduate Education

Stinger mascot in front of 1,000 day rockIn the 2015 State of the University address, we introduced the concept of the 1,000 days that an undergraduate student spends at Cedarville University and how we as faculty and staff have been given a stewardship over this very pivotal time. Because of the way this phrase has resonated with Cedarville friends and family, we are now using “1,000 Days” as the main theme in all of our recruitment materials. We are excited to share the story of transforming lives through excellent academics and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority.

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