What do you think of when you hear the term “leader”? What does our society think? From a secular perspective, a leader typically is focused on popularity and possessions, seeking to be served rather than serving others. They might be prideful, arrogant. We will encounter people like that. We may even be tempted to be people like that; after all, because of our sin nature, it comes naturally. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we must fight against that kind of self-centered leadership. The fear of the Lord motivates us to serve God and others.

As we come to Nehemiah 5 in our Faithful series, we find Nehemiah modeling what a servant leader looks like. He points us to Jesus, the greatest servant leader there ever was.

We find three characteristics in Nehemiah that we should mimic:

  1. He listened compassionately (1-6) – Do we listen or do we prejudge? Do we give grace to others?
  2. He led courageously (7-13) – Are we willing to do the hard things and have the hard conversations?
  3. He lived charitably (14-19) – Are we generous to others, as God is generous to us?

You may not feel like a leader, but we all have influence. We must be good stewards of the gifts God has given us by using them to serve others. We live for the approval of the master, not the applause of man.

Watch as we learn from Nehemiah what it means to be a servant leader.

Dr. White preaching on the chapel stage