How many of us actually stay to watch the credits after a movie? I’ll admit that, at least until Marvel movies came out, I usually leave the theater right after the last scene of the movie, skipping over the credits that recognize those who contributed to the movie.

As we came to Nehemiah 7 Monday in our “Faithful” chapel series, we discovered that this chapter is a lot like movie credits: We may have a tendency to just gloss over it. The chapter is full of a long list of names that are hard to pronounce, and we may wonder why God would include this in the Bible, anyway. But if we take the time to stop and see what’s there, we’ll discover — as with all Scripture — God has something for us to learn here.

As we studied this passage, we divided it into three sections and found practical application in each:

  • Delegation (1-4) – Nehemiah delegated responsibilities to men who were faithful and God-fearing. We need to be faithful in whatever tasks God gives us right now.
  • Registration (5-65) – Nehemiah walked so closely with God that he recognized when God was putting something in his heart. We will only hear God’s voice when we have spent time with Him through His Word and prayer.
  • Contribution (66-73) – God wants generous people who support His work.

The big idea of this passage is this: God is faithful, and we can trust Him. The passage is not about God counting people, but that people counted to God. In the chapter, we find the fulfillment of promises God made to His people in the books of Daniel and Jeremiah. When God makes a promise, He will deliver.

Join us as we walk through Nehemiah 7 and discover our promise-keeping God.

Dr White speaking in chapel