We were excited to welcome our Board of Trustees to chapel last Thursday as we continued in our Faithful series, looking at Nehemiah 8:1-12.

In this passage we see the word “understand” (or “understood”) five times. We see the word “people” 13 times, and we find “joy” three times near the end of the passage. In Scripture, repetition means that something is important, so we better pay attention. There’s something in this passage that the people (that’s us) should understand, which will lead to great joy. So what is it?

We must understand the Word of God to experience the joy of its truth. God speaks to us through His Word, and if we want to be mature followers of Christ, we need to let it do its work of teaching us and growing us into who He wants us to be. Time in God’s Word should be our daily practice and priority.

From this passage we discover these four truths:

  1. Read and study the Word.
  2. The Word reveals who God is.
  3. The Word reveals who we are.
  4. Properly understanding the Word ultimately brings great rejoicing.

There is a battle for our souls. We can either believe the truths of God’s Word or the lies of the enemy. I pray you daily dig into God’s Word, understand its truths and make them central to your life, and truly experience the joy of the Lord.

Let the Word do its work. This is the way. God has spoken.

Dr White speaking in chapel