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Freedom to Flourish Addresses Socialism

Freedom to FLourish

There’s a disturbing trend among Millennials and Generation Z, who believe that socialism is a viable alternative to a free market economy. Without embracing a biblical worldview and the grace of God, humanity’s sinful nature will find a way to abuse any system, but our School of Business Administration (SBA) holds that a free market system is the best option for promoting human flourishing and constraining the worst tendencies of human nature. The SBA is hosting a speaker series to address this important and timely topic, which is open to the public.

CedarMania: High-Energy Fun and Powerful Worship for Youth

Group of students at CedarMania

It’s a day of high-energy fun and drawing near to King Jesus. CedarMania is happening on March 21. Worship will be led by HeartSong. There will be small groups led by Cedarville students, workshops for leaders, crazy games, exciting competitions, and much more for junior high and high school youth. Encourage your youth to come with a group and multiply the fun and learning as they take the lessons and experiences from CedarMania into their church youth program or homeschool cooperative. We look forward to seeing them on March 21.

Students Impress Judges With Business Startup Proposals

six students holding large checks they won

The Cedarville Beyond Startup Accelerator hosted “The Second Pitch” on January 11, where eight students presented their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges. Four of them won cash prizes and a chance to turn their ideas into investment-ready businesses. On March 27, the accelerator will host an Investor Impact event bringing together angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity leaders to finance top Christian startups from across the nation.

Exciting Progress on Master Plan Buildings

We can hardly wait for the opening of the three buildings featured in this month’s construction update video. Work on the residence hall is mostly happening inside as electrical wiring, drywall, and other interior projects are underway. The civil engineering building has all of its walls up, and students are looking forward to taking classes there next fall. And our mouths are watering for that first Chick-fil-A lunch overlooking Cedar Lake.


construction video

Trustees Approve New Academic Programs and 2020-21 Budget

Founders Hall in winter

During its January meetings, the Board of Trustees authorized two new academic programs, affirmed the 2020-21 budget, and approved faculty tenure and promotions. During their meeting, Trustees also reviewed progress on the University’s 10-year campus master plan and celebrated how the Lord has blessed our recent giving campaign. Read a full report of the trustee meeting.

Confession: God Is Good, and We Are Not

On Monday, we hosted the largest visit event in Cedarville’s history. More than 1,000 prospective students and their families joined us in chapel as we continued our Faithful series from the book of Nehemiah, this week coming to chapter 9.

Have you ever needed a mirror? Maybe you’re like me: When I wake up in the morning, my hair is going several different directions. I need a good mirror so I can see what I need to fix.

We also need a good mirror for our soul. How often when we look at ourselves spiritually, do we overlook things we need to fix? The Bible, the mirror for our soul, shows us who God is and who we truly are.

In Nehemiah 9, we read one of the greatest prayers in all of Scripture. Here, we get a glimpse of the graciousness and mercy of God. The people were exiled because of their rebellion, but God is ready to forgive them. In this prayer, Nehemiah is confessing what he knows to be true about God, and he also confesses what he knows to be true about himself: God is good, and we are not. He is the promise-keeping God to a promise-breaking people.

In this passage, we learn 10 truths about God that reveal His goodness:

  1. God discloses His uniqueness (5-6).
  2. God created the heavens and earth (6).
  3. God keeps His promises (7-8).
  4. God saves His people (9-11).
  5. God cares for His people (12-15).
  6. God is good, and we are not (16-18).
  7. God sustains His people (19-21).
  8. God gives generously (22-25).
  9. God models mercy and patience (26-31).
  10. God reveals His righteousness (32-37).

Every day I need a mirror where I can examine my condition to realize that my soul is in far worse shape than my hair, and I am in desperate need of a Savior. I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to be in Scripture every morning to see His reflection clearly in the mirror of His Word.

Join us as we walk through Nehemiah 9 together and discover that God is good, and we are not.

Dr. White speaking in chapel

Be Doers of the Word

Maybe you have a similar problem that I have. I find it easier to sometimes just hear, but not obey. In fact, I tend to bristle when I hear the word “obey.” We all do, right? We don’t like advice; we don’t like mandates. Things like, “read all directions before beginning” or “list your accurate weight on your driver’s license.” Or, how about biblical mandates like “forgive others as Christ forgave you” or “be anxious for nothing”?

As we reached the end of Nehemiah chapter eight in our Faithful series on Monday, we discovered what the power of the Word of God did for the people, and what it should do in our lives. Nehemiah and the people heard the Word, obeyed the Word, and then celebrated the Word. They were doers of the Word and not hearers only.

We see these three truths:

  1. Explanation (8:13-18) – We should have an appetite to study God’s Word, reading Scripture with a longing to understand — not just as a habit or obligation.
  2. Application (8:16-9:3) – In the Word we discover that God is faithful; we can trust Him. We don’t have to trust the world around us, but the God who created the world. He will provide.
  3. Celebration (8:17; 9:3,5) – The only response to the truth of God’s Word is to worship Him and repent of our sin.

My prayer for myself, and for each of you, is that every day we are transformed by the power of God’s Word so that we may serve Him and point others to Him and His glory.

Join us as we discover God’s desire for us to become true doers of the Word.

Dr. White preaching in chapel

Two-Time Abortion Survivor Testifies to God’s Grace

Student reading a Bible

Many of our students have remarkable stories of how God led them to Cedarville. But freshman Chris Ham may have one of the most amazing stories we’ve heard. He is a two-time survivor of abortion and was in and out of homelessness during his senior year of high school. Chris is a bold and courageous witness of Jesus’ saving and transforming power, and we are glad that he is a part of our Cedarville family.

Cedarville Joins Dayton STEM Workforce Program

students working on car

Cedarville University has joined the Dayton STEM Workforce Program (DWSP), a consortium of local universities and businesses seeking to train and retain local STEM talent. Through the DWSP’s angel initiative, local STEM college students are linked with area business partners for internships and interviews for employment after graduation.

Cedarville Receives $1.5 Million Estate Gift

Students walking on sidewalk

Cedarville has received a $1.5 million gift from the estate of Helen Z. Elbin. This gift will be used to provide scholarships for students and help fund our chapel program. Helen was a longtime friend of Cedarville University and its former radio station, WCDR.

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