Maybe you have a similar problem that I have. I find it easier to sometimes just hear, but not obey. In fact, I tend to bristle when I hear the word “obey.” We all do, right? We don’t like advice; we don’t like mandates. Things like, “read all directions before beginning” or “list your accurate weight on your driver’s license.” Or, how about biblical mandates like “forgive others as Christ forgave you” or “be anxious for nothing”?

As we reached the end of Nehemiah chapter eight in our Faithful series on Monday, we discovered what the power of the Word of God did for the people, and what it should do in our lives. Nehemiah and the people heard the Word, obeyed the Word, and then celebrated the Word. They were doers of the Word and not hearers only.

We see these three truths:

  1. Explanation (8:13-18) – We should have an appetite to study God’s Word, reading Scripture with a longing to understand — not just as a habit or obligation.
  2. Application (8:16-9:3) – In the Word we discover that God is faithful; we can trust Him. We don’t have to trust the world around us, but the God who created the world. He will provide.
  3. Celebration (8:17; 9:3,5) – The only response to the truth of God’s Word is to worship Him and repent of our sin.

My prayer for myself, and for each of you, is that every day we are transformed by the power of God’s Word so that we may serve Him and point others to Him and His glory.

Join us as we discover God’s desire for us to become true doers of the Word.

Dr. White preaching in chapel