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Living a Life That Matters

I was privileged to continue our Faithful series in the book of Nehemiah, this time from my library in the Stevens Student Center. It’s not what we want — I miss being in the chapel with thousands of students praising Jesus together. But we are trusting in the sovereignty of God during this time.

As we came to Nehemiah chapter 11, we were reminded again that the book is not just about building a wall but about the people truly worshipping the living God. We learn that the people’s focus — and ours — should be to strategically live and work for God’s glory.

Our text is divided into four sections:

  1. Actions taken to populate Jerusalem (11:1-2)
  2. List of settlers (11:3-24)
  3. Other villages (11:25-36)
  4. Priests and Levites (12:1-26)

The leaders led by example; they modeled what they wanted the people to do. The people trusted the sovereignty of God. Do we? We see God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We also are reminded that the depth of God’s grace is greater than the depth of our sin. It doesn’t matter what you have done; God can use you to do amazing things. It’s not about our strength; it’s about God and His power. He uses a host of people to accomplish His purposes, but we must first make glorifying Him our priority.


Dr. White speaking in his library


Business Adventurer With a Biblical Compass Leads Accelerator

Dick Blan speakingThis month on the Cedarville Stories podcast, Dick Blanc ’82, Director of our Beyond Startup Accelerator, will share his story of being a business leader guided by the compass of God’s Word. Through the accelerator, promising entrepreneurs receive expert counsel on how to start and sustain a business and are connected with potential investors. Dick’s vision is for Cedarville to become the Midwest hub for faith-based startups.

Run the Race With Endurance

We are in a difficult season. There is much we don’t know, but we know things may get bad. After a little over a week of isolation, we are already tired of it. We recognize it’s going to be hard. It’s going to take endurance to get through.

Yesterday, I spoke to our Cedarville family — scattered all over the country now — from Hebrews 12:1-2, where we’re commanded to run the race with endurance, looking to Jesus.

But how do we do this? How do we not despair when things get tough? This passage shows us three ways:

  1. Follow the example of the “cloud of witnesses” – the Old Testament saints who trusted God during difficult circumstances and were blessed. He was faithful to them, just as He’ll be faithful to us. That’s why we don’t have to worry.
  2. Let go of the things that hold us back. It’s time to examine our lives for things that distract us.
  3. Look to Jesus. Our money, our talents, our political leaders are not our hope. Jesus is the only one who holds our future.

As we walk through challenging days ahead, may we run the race with endurance, looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. God is faithful. You can trust Him.

Watch as we discover how to endure during difficult times.

Dr. White speaking in therapy

Spring Magazine Spotlights the School of Business Administration

spring magazine coverFor just over 60 years, our School of Business Administration (SBA) has trained and developed graduates who bring Kingdom values to the marketplace. The spring issue of Cedarville Magazine showcases one of our largest schools, with 557 undergraduate and graduate students this year, as it prepares to be an even more influential force for the Gospel in the 21st century.

Cedarville Announces Plans for Remainder of Academic Year

 “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”
– Proverbs 16:9

Today in chapel, I made perhaps the most difficult announcement I have ever had to make. It was not what my heart desired, but it was what needed to happen based on what we’re being told by the CDC and government officials. While we are saddened at the thought of not having our students back on campus this semester and missing special events like commencement and senior chapel, our hope rests firmly in our eternal Savior.

Please pray with me for God’s hand of protection on our entire Cedarville family. Pray that we find Gospel opportunities to shine the light of Christ during this unprecedented time. And pray that we continue to stand firm for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. You can continue to follow COVID-19 related updates from Cedarville by subscribing to our resource blog.

Dr. White in chapel

Approval Granted for New Programs: Nursing Leadership and Cyber Operations

nursing students helping patients and cyber student and professorCedarville has recently added a new Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations, the first of its kind in Ohio, and a Nursing Leadership graduate certificate to the school’s Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) program. We look forward to how these new programs will prepare our students to have a platform for the Gospel in high-demand career fields.

Covenant to Change

Wednesday in our mostly empty chapel, it was my privilege to continue our Faithful series in the book of Nehemiah.

In chapter 9, we previously saw that the people had confessed their sin and then confessed God’s goodness. In light of God’s faithfulness in their lives, they committed to obey His Word.

We examined three main points and applications from chapter 10:

  • Submission to the Word of God (9:38; 10:29) – Do we trust God’s promises, even in these uncertain times? He has never failed us. Our souls can rest in His Word.
  • Separation as the People of God (10:28-31) – Do we trust God with our sexuality? Are we willing to wait for God’s timing? Do we take a stand for what is right?
  • Support for the Worship of God (10:32-28) – Do we trust God with our tithes? Are we giving him our first fruits or what is left over? How are we stewarding all that He has entrusted to us?

Now more than ever we need to cling to the truth of God’s Word. Even in the middle of uncertainty, He is in control. God is faithful. You can trust Him.

Dr. White preaching in chapel

The Foolishness of Taking Tomorrow for Granted

Dixon Ministry CenterThese are uncertain times to be sure. We are having to change the way we do things. We are being inconvenienced. Life as we know it is not the same for now. 

It was my privilege to speak directly to our students and other members of the Cedarville family Monday from James 4:13-17, even if it was in a mostly empty chapel.

We take so much for granted. I confess that I’ve taken some of the blessings we enjoy at Cedarville for granted: meeting together in daily chapel, seeing students in the dining hall, experiencing vibrant community every day. What we must never take for granted is tomorrow. We cannot know nor control the future, but I am so thankful that we serve a God who does.

Join us for Monday’s chapel and be encouraged by our faithful God who will hold us fast. May He use these difficult circumstances to draw us closer to Him. 

Dr. White speaking in chapel

Cedarville’s Response to Governor’s COVID-19 Recommendations

Today in chapel, I shared with faculty, staff, and students Cedarville’s plan to implement Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s recommendations for addressing the COVID-19 situation. Respecting our authority and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our campus community, we made the difficult decision to transition to a remote (online) educational format from March 16-27, with students leaving campus by Friday, March 13. Please pray with me for the health and safety of our Cedarville family and for Gospel opportunities during this time. Our God is faithful. We can trust Him.

Chapel announcement

Masterworks Celebrates Beethoven’s Birthday

Choir and orchestraCedarville University’s 30th annual Masterworks Concert will commemorate the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven on March 27, from 7-9:30 p.m. in the Jeremiah Chapel. Tickets are $10 for general admission and $5 for students and those age 65 and older. There is no cost for children under 12. We hope you join us for this powerful presentation, featuring guest conductor Jackson Leung from Wright State University, and guest pianist Andrea Arese-Elias from the University of Dayton. If you are not able to join in person, enjoy the concert over livestream on our website

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