Dixon Ministry CenterThese are uncertain times to be sure. We are having to change the way we do things. We are being inconvenienced. Life as we know it is not the same for now. 

It was my privilege to speak directly to our students and other members of the Cedarville family Monday from James 4:13-17, even if it was in a mostly empty chapel.

We take so much for granted. I confess that I’ve taken some of the blessings we enjoy at Cedarville for granted: meeting together in daily chapel, seeing students in the dining hall, experiencing vibrant community every day. What we must never take for granted is tomorrow. We cannot know nor control the future, but I am so thankful that we serve a God who does.

Join us for Monday’s chapel and be encouraged by our faithful God who will hold us fast. May He use these difficult circumstances to draw us closer to Him. 

Dr. White speaking in chapel