Wednesday in our mostly empty chapel, it was my privilege to continue our Faithful series in the book of Nehemiah.

In chapter 9, we previously saw that the people had confessed their sin and then confessed God’s goodness. In light of God’s faithfulness in their lives, they committed to obey His Word.

We examined three main points and applications from chapter 10:

  • Submission to the Word of God (9:38; 10:29) – Do we trust God’s promises, even in these uncertain times? He has never failed us. Our souls can rest in His Word.
  • Separation as the People of God (10:28-31) – Do we trust God with our sexuality? Are we willing to wait for God’s timing? Do we take a stand for what is right?
  • Support for the Worship of God (10:32-28) – Do we trust God with our tithes? Are we giving him our first fruits or what is left over? How are we stewarding all that He has entrusted to us?

Now more than ever we need to cling to the truth of God’s Word. Even in the middle of uncertainty, He is in control. God is faithful. You can trust Him.

Dr. White preaching in chapel