I was privileged to continue our Faithful series in the book of Nehemiah, this time from my library in the Stevens Student Center. It’s not what we want — I miss being in the chapel with thousands of students praising Jesus together. But we are trusting in the sovereignty of God during this time.

As we came to Nehemiah chapter 11, we were reminded again that the book is not just about building a wall but about the people truly worshipping the living God. We learn that the people’s focus — and ours — should be to strategically live and work for God’s glory.

Our text is divided into four sections:

  1. Actions taken to populate Jerusalem (11:1-2)
  2. List of settlers (11:3-24)
  3. Other villages (11:25-36)
  4. Priests and Levites (12:1-26)

The leaders led by example; they modeled what they wanted the people to do. The people trusted the sovereignty of God. Do we? We see God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We also are reminded that the depth of God’s grace is greater than the depth of our sin. It doesn’t matter what you have done; God can use you to do amazing things. It’s not about our strength; it’s about God and His power. He uses a host of people to accomplish His purposes, but we must first make glorifying Him our priority.


Dr. White speaking in his library