It’s hard to believe, but Monday in chapel, we came to the end of the book of Nehemiah and have just one more summary message next week in our Faithful series.

I started our message with a familiar illustration of the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer. A thermostat doesn’t change based on circumstances; it maintains the temperature to which it was set. A thermometer, in contrast, changes temperature based on the environment it is placed in.

Nehemiah was a thermostat. He maintained his commitment to absolute obedience to God’s Word. But when Nehemiah returned to Persia, the people became thermometers, allowing the culture to influence them. In our passage today we see how spiritual carelessness leads to evil actions with severe consequences.

We examined four points with applications to our lives today:

  • Unwise Associations (1-9) – Do we have associations in our lives that cause us to compromise on what God’s Word says? Have we made peace with our sin?
  • Unkept Promises (10-14) – Have we made promises to God that we have not kept?
  • Unholy Sabbaths (15-22) – Have we allowed materialism, sports, etc., to become more important to us than worshiping God? Are we maintaining proper balance in life by resting?
  • Ungodly Marriages (23-31) – Is there an area of our lives where carelessness has led to disobedience?

Our spiritual fire is destined to go out if we don’t continually stoke it through staying rooted in Scripture, studying it and meditating on it daily. We must surround ourselves with godly influences and not forsake assembling together. I pray each of you – as I pray for myself – never lose your commitment to hold fast to God’s Word and your desire to honor Him in everything you do.

He is faithful; we can trust Him.

Nehemiah 13