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Biblical View of Creation at Heart of Worldview Conference

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The Reclaim Wisdom Beginning With Creation Conference was held at Cedarville on Saturday, July 20. This one-day event emphasized the importance of maintaining a biblical perspective that adheres to a seven-day creation and a literal Adam and Eve and explored how worldviews are anchored to an individual’s views on the origin of life. Cedarville professors Dr. John R. Gilhooly, Assistant Professor of Theology, and Dr. Heather Kuruvilla, Senior Professor of Biology, were featured speakers. Dr. Steven Gollmer, Professor of Physics and Assistant Chair of the Department of Science and Mathematics, coordinated the conference.

Spring Magazine Provides Wealth of Biblical Creation Resources

“In the beginning.” The opening words of Genesis contain such power. In them, we learn there was a specific point in history when Almighty God began His awesome work of creation. The Scriptures testify that He finished in six literal days, and rested on the seventh. At Cedarville, we believe these truths with complete conviction. In the spring issue of Cedarville Magazine, our faculty and alumni, along with Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, provide you with tremendous resources to support a biblical view of creation.

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