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Challenging Leaders to Serve With Courage

One of our goals at Cedarville is to develop lifelong learners and leaders. Every student at Cedarville will hear, many times during their “1,000 days” on our campus, that they can lead through stewardship, influence, and service. This leadership instruction is formalized in the plenary sessions and practical workshops that make up the annual CU LEADership Conference, which now serves well over 1,000 current Cedarville students and their high school counterparts. This year’s keynote speaker, U.S. Air Force Col. Todd Fogle ’92, commander of the 492nd Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field near Mary Esther, Florida, will challenge the students to lead with courage in their homes, their schools, their workplaces, and their communities. Encourage high school students to join us for CU LEAD on Saturday, January 19! Registration is now open.

E3 Offers Transformative Teen Discipleship Experience

This summer, Cedarville will hold the first-ever E3, a four-day camp for teens learning how to be disciple makers and servant leaders. From July 16-19, these committed young people will be empowered with a more sure understanding of who God is and a firmer foundation for who they are in Christ. They will also be equipped with biblical tools and resources for transformative discipleship and leadership. And lastly, they will be prepared to engage the world boldly with their influence and to serve with excellence.



Gen. Reno Shares Keys to Leadership Success

It has been my privilege to serve alongside Gen. Loren Reno (USAF, Ret.) these last several years. From his previous roles as Dean of the School of Business Administration and Vice President for Academics to his current role as my Senior Advisor, Gen. Reno has exemplified servant leadership and godly wisdom. He has represented Cedarville University and his Savior well. His 2015 book, 10 Leadership Maneuvers: A General’s Guide to Serving and Leading, highlights the skills and traits that brought him success in his 38-year career in the United States Air Force and led to his promotion to three-star general.

Recently, Gen. Reno joined our ministry partner Word of Life Bible Institute as a guest on two of its “Learn the Word” podcasts. These podcasts, “A General’s Guide to Serving and Learning – Part 1 and 2,” can be heard via iTunes or Libsyn. Listen to these podcasts and be encouraged by what God has to say through this outstanding leader.

CU LEADership Conference Equipping Students to Lead, Serve

At Cedarville, we offer more than training for a degree; we’re equipping the next generation of leaders for the Kingdom of God. As part of that commitment, nearly 400 high school juniors and seniors, plus 700 to 900 Cedarville student leaders and future leaders, took part in the annual CU LEADership conference on January 19-20. This year’s theme was “Be Ready – Be Available,” emphasizing that leadership is not a position to be sought, but a character trait to be applied anytime, anywhere.

CU LEADership Conference Prepares Current, Future Leaders

On January 19–20, Cedarville will host the CU LEADership Conference. This event is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, as well as current Cedarville students, to investigate what it means to be a leader and to grow in their leadership abilities. This year’s theme is “Be Ready – Be Available” and will equip students to be ready to lead in any situation. Many of our current campus leaders, and graduates leading in their respective fields, were inspired and challenged by this conference that emphasizes stewardship, influence, and service. Please encourage high school students you know to join us for this great time of leadership equipping.

Equipping the Next Generation of Leaders

This past weekend (January 20-21) we invested in the lives of 700+ students attending our annual CU LEAD Conference. Attracting high school juniors and seniors along with current Cedarville students who desire to serve in a leadership position on campus, this conference helps students grow in their faith and cultivate their leadership skills. Speakers like Brent Crowe from Student Leadership University; Kristin Craig, Cedarville alumna and Disney Imagineer; and more than 30 other faculty, staff, and administrators shared the biblical basis and practical applications of Gospel-centered leadership. Visit the conference website to learn more about CU LEAD.

Dealing with Conflict

Working conflictI had a student ask me for tips on how to handle conflict. I thought I would share my thoughts here.

First, let’s be honest. If you haven’t dealt with a lot of conflict it has the potential to make your palms sweat, your blood pressure rise, and your brain malfunction. You must control your emotions rather than have your emotions control you. Conflict is inevitable. Handling it well can make the difference between a successful resolution or a nervous breakdown. Here are some tips.

1.         Eternal Perspective:

This is the most important part to handling conflict in a way that glorifies God. At home when disciplining the kids, it must be about shepherding their heart toward God and not satisfying your anger. At work, you have a responsibility to disciple or impart spiritual wisdom into those around you. You can help an employee improve or recognize a weakness. If you are past that point, then you can help them understand their gifts and what job would allow them to succeed. Everyone wants to succeed which sometimes means moving to a different and more satisfying job. Continue reading

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