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Listen Up!

Listening is important. As a father, I know how important listening is, especially when it doesn’t happen. Sometimes listening is critical to surviving in daily life — like listening for skateboards coming up behind you on the sidewalks around campus (something Cedarville students understand very well!).

The book of Proverbs is filled with words of wisdom about listening — to counsel, to advise, to reproof. But more important than listening to others, we need to listen “Up” to our Heavenly Father. He has revealed Himself to us through His inspired Word, and given us all we need to know for life and godliness. Join me — and hundreds of guests who attended our largest CU Friday visit event ever — as we walk through the book of Proverbs to discover what God wants us to hear.



Know Yourself

My chapel message yesterday dealt with a topic I haven’t mastered yet — if we’re honest, no one really masters it. We contrasted pride and humility.

One of those two, I’m a natural at; I’ll let you figure out which one.

The other takes a great deal of deliberate work. Before we can truly love God – and truly love and serve others – we must know ourselves and have a true humility about who we are. This happens only when we fully recognize who God is and His sovereign role in our lives.

Watch as we walk through Proverbs and discover how to truly know ourselves.


Interested in other resources on this critical topic? Visit our chapel archive and search on the term “pride.” Along with the recent messages by Sam Allberry and Paige Patterson, I commend the October 25 chapel presentation by Dr. Jerry Gillis, Lead Pastor at The Chapel in Getzville, New York, to you as well worth your time.


Think about your character. Who are you at your core? How would others describe you? Proverbs 10 contrasts two very different characters: the righteous and the wicked. We daily have to choose which we want to be. But we don’t have to do it alone. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the Holy Spirit within us, who guides us as we pursue righteous living. Join us as we walk through Proverbs 10 to discover what righteous character looks like in the life of a Christ-follower.


Women’s Soccer Game Turns Into Gospel Opportunity

Since 1970, God has used Cedarville athletes and their love of sports to create a bridge for the Gospel. It began with Missions Involvement Services, and continues today through Global Outreach. One recent example was a women’s soccer team, traveling to Ghana to engage communities there for King Jesus. What began with a couple of our players passing the ball around quickly turned into a village-wide event that opened many doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed. Learn more about this inspiring story in a recent #CUGO video.

New Civil Engineering Major Inspired by Missions

With full approval from the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission, our School of Engineering and Computer Science will offer a new civil engineering major fall semester 2018. The new program will prepare students for careers designing, building, and maintaining public and private sector infrastructure. Inspired by students and faculty who saw the need for civil engineering expertise during short-term missions trip, the new degree will equip our graduates for work on roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and water supply systems — all crucial to developing countries and to our own nation as we grapple with aging infrastructure. Please help us spread the word about this new engineering opportunity at Cedarville.

Wall Street Journal Ranks Cedarville Fourth for Faculty-Student Engagement

For the second year in a row, Cedarville’s faculty members have received high marks for the way they engage with students. In The Wall Street Journal’s annual higher education report, Cedarville was ranked fourth, ahead of schools like Baylor, Auburn, Michigan State, Cal Poly, University of Pennsylvania, and 1,000 other institutions. The ranking was based on thousands of student evaluations from universities across the United States. Cedarville alumni and current students quickly attest to the importance of professors who have mentored them professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Reunions and Recognitions Mark Homecoming 2017

We welcomed hundreds of alumni and parents back to campus October 6-7 for homecoming weekend. One of the highlights was the annual Legacy Banquet, where we recognized alumni award winners and expressed our appreciation to faithful donors who provide scholarships for students. Other weekend festivities included the Encounter worship concert, a 5K race, the homecoming parade, cardboard canoe race, women’s volleyball contests, and — a new finale — the “Light the Lake” outdoor worship time. What a privilege to see brothers and sisters in Christ reunite and recall the way God worked in their lives here. Every homecoming, I thank the Lord for allowing me to serve at Cedarville. His hand is on this place. Watch a homecoming highlights video to get a taste for this memorable weekend.

Trustees Approve Pharmacy Center, Nurse Educator Program

Cedarville’s Board of Trustees was on campus October 4-5 for its annual fall meeting, which takes place during homecoming week. It’s always a joy for me to meet with our trustees, men and women who believe in our mission and vision to serve the Lord well by equipping students for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement. During their meeting October 5, the trustees approved a new Center for Pharmacy Innovation, which will be under the auspices of our School of Pharmacy. David and Phyllis Grauer, who serve on the School of Pharmacy Board of Advisors, have already committed $250,000 for this new endeavor.

The trustees also approved a new program in our School of Nursing, the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education. We anticipate the Lord using these initiatives to further prepare our students to honor Christ in their careers.

Read a news release about the trustee report for additional highlights from their meetings, and be encouraged about the incredible group of men and women God has put in place to lead Cedarville.

Whoever Is Simple

Continuing our series in Proverbs, we come to chapter 9, where we find two invitations: an invitation to the way of wisdom and an invitation to the way of folly. Which will we choose?

It sounds like a simple choice, right? We all want to live wisely. But our sinful nature inclines us toward folly. We daily must make the choice to seek wisdom. Join us as we walk verse by verse through Proverbs 9 to discover how.

The State of the University: Blessed

Center for Biblical and Theological StudiesThis past weekend we celebrated Homecoming with hundreds of our alumni and parents coming to campus. On Friday, I had the privilege of delivering the University’s annual State of the University address to our campus family and guests in the Jeremiah Chapel.

In a word, the state of Cedarville University is “blessed.” Not because of anything that we have done to make ourselves great, but because Almighty God has chosen to bless this institution.

I believe God, in His grace and mercy, has blessed us simply because we have chosen to stand for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ, and He will continue to bless Cedarville only as we stand firm.

Join us in our special homecoming chapel as we recount God’s rich blessings on Cedarville University this past year.

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