Soccer Ball Prayer

I am always encouraged to hear how God is using our students to touch lives around the world through short-term missions trips. Listen as Erin shares how God allowed her and her team to be a part of answering the simple prayer of a little Haitian boy. He received an answered prayer, but the team received the blessing.

Think Grad School, Think Cedarville

Our most recent issue of Cedarville Magazine was released last week, and in it we highlight our high-caliber, Gospel-focused graduate programs. My introductory article appears below. See why when you “think grad school,” we hope you’ll “think Cedarville.”

cedarville-magazineLast May, nearly 800 graduates walked across the commencement stage at Cedarville University. They graduated unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, headed into the world on mission to stand for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Many of them entered into secular graduate programs where their biblical worldview will be challenged by an opposing humanistic worldview. We welcome that exchange, believing our graduates are ready to face those and even more fierce challenges.

Even so, it’s not a fear of losing the battle, but the lost opportunity that poses a bigger concern. Few options exist for academic training in graduate and doctoral programs that include a commitment to a biblical worldview. What if that weren’t the case? What if at the highest level of education, experts trained students to deepen their thinking of how God’s truth intersects with their discipline? The best thinkers using their God-given ability with excellence, in submission to scriptural authority, training others to articulate and defend truth. What would happen if Christian universities permeated the educational enterprise at the highest level with a commitment to the Word of God? What if every realm of learning embraced the supremacy of Jesus Christ? We believe the resulting throng of ambassadors would build platforms of excellence to fill the world with embassies of truth.

In our University vision statement, we state that we aim for intentional discipleship that transforms lives for godly service, vocational distinction, and cultural engagement. This is true for undergraduate and graduate students alike. We are committed to providing education at the highest possible levels, influencing the influencers through vocational distinction while creating God-honoring culture and unleashing truth on a world filled with Satan’s deceptive, destructive myths.

Of course, Cedarville has already been engaged in this endeavor for several years. However, in our newly developed strategic plan, we have made graduate programs an area of special emphasis. Over the next five years, we will continue to expand our graduate program offerings in obedience to the Great Commandment — to love God with all of our minds, learning about Him, His creation, and His truth that shapes our existence. To love God with all of our minds as a University means that we train students at the highest levels with crystal-clear thinking and pinpoint articulation to impact the minds and hearts of the next generation with truth.

Moreover, to love our neighbor as ourselves, we must first and foremost share the Gospel with them. We recognize that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16). However, part of loving our neighbor also requires us to unleash eternal truth upon the weaknesses of modern culture. Such special worldview warfare requires special forces trained for the task at hand.

We have begun the task, but we have a long way to go. Included among our graduates this past May were the first students who earned our fully accredited Doctor of Pharmacy. For years, we have trained students through our Master of Education and, more recently, through the Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Nursing. Additionally, this fall we have launched the Master of Divinity along with a redesigned Master of Ministry.

What unites these graduates and the degree programs through which they were educated is the reality that Cedarville University has always stood for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We have demonstrated this at the undergraduate level with a Bible minor for every undergraduate major. We will continue this commitment at the graduate level with biblical integration in every discipline and by offering graduate programs in advanced Christian studies available alongside other programs. By having the proper faculty member to teach in these areas and the students preparing at this level interacting with the remainder of campus, we raise the theological and spiritual emphasis across the University, thereby bolstering our mission.

In the pages of this magazine, you will read more about many of these programs and, in days to come, you just might hear of new ones. As you do, would you pray for us? Ultimately, our desire isn’t merely to grant degrees. Rather, it’s to create sustainable, marketable, quality degrees that fit with our mission. Most importantly, we desire to engage culture at the highest level with the cause of truth. In the days to come, we hope that when you think graduate programs, you think Cedarville University.

Gypsy Lady

Our students are being equipped to integrate their faith into their academic area of study, and missions trips are the perfect opportunity for them to put what they are learning into practice. Listen as Katie explains how God used her team in Romania to first bring physical healing to an elderly gypsy woman, but ultimately spiritual healing that would count for eternity.

Coffee and Community Night Fosters Conversation

I strongly believe that part of what makes Cedarville University special is the lasting Christ-honoring friendships that are cultivated here. Our Student Life Programs team is always looking for ways to help students to build vibrant community, and that’s happening this year through Coffee and Community nights. Each Tuesday, students agree to turn off their cell phones in exchange for discounted coffee and tea at Rinnova (our campus coffee shop). Student leaders direct topics of conversation, and the results have been opportunities for deep, uninterrupted, Spirit-led dialogue.

Listen to K-Love Radio’s Coverage of Coffee & Community »

November “Bring a Friend” Visit Campaign in Full Swing

bringafriendOur Admissions office has designated November as “Bring a Friend” month. All high school friends who visit campus together, or students who visit as the guest of a current Cedarville student, faculty, or staff member, will receive a free sweatshirt. On Friday, November 18, we had approximately 800 guests visiting campus for CU Friday — one of the largest prospective student events we’ve ever hosted! Come see us before the month’s over … and bring a friend! We have a sweatshirt waiting for you.

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Living an Uncomfortable Life for the Gospel

The Bible is first and foremost a story of redemption—the story of our sinfulness and a savior who “humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death” for the sake of reconciling others to their creator (Phil 2). I want every student at Cedarville to go on a mission trip. Sometimes going on these trips makes us uncomfortable, but even as it does, we are only following in the footsteps of our Lord. We should all desire to live uncomfortable lives for the furthering of the Gospel whether that means sharing the Gospel with our neighbor, working with the homeless in our city, or traveling around the world to share with people who have never heard the name of Jesus. That’s one reason we named the department who facilitates these trips “Global Outreach,” because when our students shorten it, they say “GO.” I hope to bring you several videos over the coming months to allow you see some of our students as they “GO,” standing for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We appreciate your prayers and support of these efforts.

Cedarville Hosts 9Marks Conference on Church Membership

garrett-kell-video-thumbOn November 9-10, we had the opportunity to host the 9Marks Conference on church membership. This was the fifth consecutive year we’ve partnered with 9Marks Ministries to offer a time of encouragement and enrichment for pastors and leaders as they seek to build healthy churches. My good friends Garrett Kell of Del Ray Baptist Church and Matt Mason of the Church at Brook Hills shared God-honoring messages during our chapel services on Wednesday and Thursday. I led a session outlining the biblical foundation for church membership, and we also heard from Greg Gilbert, John Hammett, Jonathan Leeman, and our own Jason Lee and Jeremy Kimble. It is a privilege for Cedarville to partner with local churches in Gospel ministry.

Watch Garrett Kell’s Message »

Cedarville Ranked No. 3 Online College Nationally

coffee-shopWith “Program Innovation” among the five core strategies identified in our Strategic Plan, it was rewarding to be ranked as the No. 3 online college in the country, thanks to our six high-quality online master’s programs and three online certificate programs. As we have added graduate degrees in ministry, nursing, business, and education, our desire has been to deliver the highest-quality online experience and integrate a biblical worldview to equip professionals for career success and faithful living. When you “think grad school,” I hope you will “think Cedarville!”

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Worship Program Named “Best of the Best”

concert-on-stageIf you have joined us for chapel — either in person or via our livestream chapel broadcast — you know just how talented our student musicians are. This is thanks in large part to the training they receive in our nationally known worship program. For the fourth time in the last five years, Worship Leader Magazine has named our program an “Editor’s Pick.” While rankings are not the main indicator of our success, it is humbling and exciting to receive recognition as our professors seek to train highly skilled worship leaders who will lead the church in praise and worship around the country and around the world.

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Video Evangelism

God is using our students to share Christ locally and around the world, even in the most unlikely ways. Listen as Enoch tells how his ministry team is reaching out to students from other local colleges and universities — and making an impact all the way to China.

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